Importing Outlook Email in OE Classic

In response to an article about the OE Classic program, several readers had questions about importing email:

“Can this program handle a conversion (import) from MS Outlook (a component of MS Office 2016)? I have a very large message and contact database that I would need to maintain in OE Classic.”

“Does it import mail from thunderbird? Can it be backed up to a flash drive to update another computer?”

You can important Outlook information into OE Classic using the Import Wizard.

You can export your messages and contacts as data files, put them on a storage device, and then import them somewhere else if you want.

Keep in mind that Outlook in Office has a whole lot of features that you don’t find in other email clients. Though, honestly, most people don’t take advantage of them in a home setting, though they may come in handy in a business environment.

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