The time change and early darkness as fall shifts into winter always throws off my sleep cycle. This is a great little site that helps you understand the very best time to go to bed to get a good night’s rest. Surprisingly, how much sleep you get, isn’t the most important factor.

What you do is put in the time you have to be up and the app will calculate when you should go to bed to get the best amount of rest. It even tells you to account for the 15 minutes it takes on average for people to fall asleep.

This doesn’t just tell you something you could figure out easily like, go to bed by midnight if you want to get up at 8:15 a.m.  It takes into account the body’s sleep cycle and gives you multiple options for good times to set your alarm.  A good night’s rest consists of five or six sleep cycles. If you’re awakened in the middle of a sleep cycle, you’re likely to feel groggy. Whereas if you get less sleep, but wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, you’ll fee refreshed. For example, if you need to be up at 5 a.m.,  8p, 9:30p, 11p, and 12:30 are the best times to hit the hay.


It also works in reverse, you can select to find out when to wake up if you should go to bed now. Just click the zzz’s button to switch the calculator over.

What I really like is that this site is also very accessible for smart phones, tablets, and such. Just click the mobile link if you’re on a device, and you’ll get the interface designed for it.

This has been so handy while traveling! I’ve actually played around with this a bit and put off going to bed for an hour or so, to hit the suggested wake-up time. And I think it works. You actually can feel more refreshed on five hours of sleep that you would with nine.

I hope you’ll check it out today!

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  1. When I entered the wake-up time at and clicked Calculate, nothing happened.

    Cyn, you don’t leave a comment link for the last item in your newsletters

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