How Many Email Addresses Can I Use?

A reader has a few email questions:

How many accounts can the following email accounts take?:
-Mail (on Windows 10)
-Mail bird
Which of them are easier/best to transfer from Windows Live mail with greatest chance to keep my multiple folders and sub-folders correctly transferred?

Despite the the risks, I am still using Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 since I am so scared to land into a horrendous mess after attempting to transfer my folders. Happened before.

For Mail there is no set limit and some folks report having 25 or more connected.

For Outlook there is a limit to 10 Exchange accounts but for other kinds there are no set limits, but you could run into memory issues on your computer.

Thunderbird has no set limit to the number of email accounts either. There are reports of people using over 100 different addresses.

Mailbird Lite supports three email addresses The paid version of Mailbird offers unlimited accounts.

I can’t promise you a successful transfer of all folders and subfolders to any email client. Your best bet is just to try it and see how it works. Especially with free email clients like Mail and Thunderbird, there is absolutely nothing to lose.

Continuing to use LiveMail in Windows 7, however, gives you a lot to lose. You know, you can simply start using Thunderbird, Mail, or any other email client with your existing addresses and worry about transferring all of your other messages later. Start by moving your contacts. At least you’ll be safer. You can disconnect the Windows 7 PC from the Internet and still access your old email messages if needed on that computer until you get them transferred successfully to your new client.

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