Windows 11 Settings: Part 2

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We started exploring the new look of Windows 11 Settings yesterday. (Click here to read that article)

Today, we’ll look at your Bluetooth and Device settings. Start by clicking the search icon and typing Settings. Click on the result.

Here’s the new look:

In the left column, click on Bluetooth & Devices.

At the top, you’ll see connected Bluetooth devices. Click there to add a Bluetooth device.

Scroll down and you can turn Bluetooth on and off or add and remove devices.

Keep scrolling to set preference for printers and scanners or to troubleshoot issues. This is also where you can connect your phone, and control cameras connected to your PC.

This is also where you adjust your mouse settings, control your touchpad, and adjust the touch screen on touch screen devices.

Your last two options are Autoplay and USB controls.

We’ll continue our look tomorrow.

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  1. Good Morning, Cyn! I was re-reading your article, “Windows 11 Settings, Part 2: Part Two,” and it had a place at the top that said, click here to see the earlier article. I clicked, and I got a 404 error–page not found. Did I miss anything?

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