250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives

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This is such an amazing resource, that I have to share it with all of you. The Open Education Database (OEDb) complied an amazing list of over 250 Digital Libraries and Archives from around the United States. It also includes some projects from around the world as well.

To navigate the page, you just scroll down through the list. The list is divided up into three categories:

Localized Collections – this offers a state by state list of digital libraries and archives.

Multi-State Resources – this section offers projects that have been worked on by multiple states. Some examples of what that entails are projects like Making of America, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress.

Larger Collections – this section has resources from US Universities and International projects from around the world. It is then further divided into sections about Maps, Medical, Science, and Other.

eTexts and eBooks – this section offers resources that have texts and digitized images of documents.

And last but not least is the Directories category ¬†where you’ll find a list of links that will help you find more information.

This is such a marvelous resource! I hope you’ll bookmark it today, so you can really explore all the links!



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  1. I wanted to rate this tip (250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives), but can’t find the thumbs up icon
    I was acustom to (it’ been a while since I’ve rated anything, but this was an easy way- bring it back). I rate this tip as a “10”!

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