Windows Settings: Personalization

There’s a brand new look for Settings in Windows 11 and this week we’re taking a closer look. Today, we check out Personalization options.

Start by clicking the search icon and typing Settings. Click on the result.

Here’s the new look:

Click on Personalization in the left column.

At the top, you’ll see your current theme and also be able to choose from installed themes.

Scroll down and you’ll see options to set your background image. Choose from a picture, color, or slideshow. You can also adjust the colors and transparency as well as create and manage themes.

Keep scrolling to adjust your lockscreen images and change the look of the on-screen keyboard.

Your next options are to customize the look of the Start Menu and Task Bar.

This is also where you install and manage fonts.

We’ll continue our look at the new look of Settings tomorrow.

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