Space Maps

gray and black galaxy wallpaper

I’ve been dying to share this site with all of you! It offers 40 different maps (infographics) that help to explain outer space.

When you arrive at the site, there’s an amazing image of outer space. Scroll down past it and you’ll find the 40 very informative images that make outer space more understandable.

Navigation is really easy, just scroll down the page. If you click the image, they click through to their original source, so you can learn even more by following the image links.

I really liked the infographic on number 14. It shows all the different locations on a map from which satellites have been launched into outer space. I also really enjoyed number 40. It’s a .GIF of the night sky that depicts that it is the earth that’s rotating and not the stars in the sky.

Go check it out for yourself today!


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