Your iPhone is tracking you – how to shut it off

Did you know your iPhone tracks you and stores a detailed list of your exact locations?  This data is collected in order to provide information to apps like Maps, Photos, or Calendar to make it easier to give you directions, tag photos, or set up events.

But, if you’re a person that isn’t keen on having that type of information about your life stored somewhere, here’s how to shut it off.

Open Settings.


Choose Privacy.


Then pick Location services.


Then select System Services.

Scroll down to Significant Locations and slide it to the off position. To see which locations have already been stored, tap on Significant Locations.


You’ll see a list of your recently visited locations.


The information can be specific. Right down to the address, the day and time of your visits and how long you stayed. if you tap on it for more information.


To individually delete locations, you can tap the edit key.


To delete all of your locations scroll to the bottom of the list and choose Clear history.


I do want to point out that Apple says this information is encrypted and not just anyone can access it. But if privacy is a concern for you, it’s something you’ll want to know about.

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