This is an awesome site that teaches kids new skills while developing their ability to participate in a community.

To learn more about the site, check out the About page. There you can also watch testimonials, check out the DIY theme song, and hear what kids think of the site. The site is free to use for 30 days

Once they’re signed up they can practice a variety of skills. For example: art, athletics, building, business, citizenship, design, engineering, exploring, growing, hacking, and philosophy. As they do skill challenges they’ll earn badges. For example, if you click into the Actor badge, it shows a series of skill challenges to complete and  the badge is earned  upon completing three activities.

If they complete all activities for the category, they become a master at that skill on the site.

This site looks like a really cool way to let kids learn to do things independently and learn from other kids. Check it out today!


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