Okay, so I’m totally stoked about the new Star Wars “Book of Boba Fett series on Disney Plus I’ve been loving all the new media coming out to build hype for The Mandalorian and new animated series. So I decided to check out the official Star Wars site and was pleasantly surprised at the content it houses. How could I not share it with all of you?

There’s a lot on the site that’s cool, so I had a hard time deciding what to feature. You definitely need to watch R2-D2 in this YouTube short video.

Okay, when you arrive at the site you’ll find a ton of featured content that changes daily like ┬áThis Week in Star Wars History and news items. You’ll also find featured content of the week just below that. It has multiple components. When I was there the feature of the week was the Bantha, Tusken Raiders, and Tatooine.

After that you can check out cool Behind the Scenes features and get a glimpse into the magic that creates the Star Wars universe. And just below that, you can check out other Star Wars titles like Star Wars Rebels.

I fell in love with the Databank. You can find information on all the different characters, races, creatures, ships, equipment, planets and more that comprise the Star Wars universe.

Go check it out today!