The Nature of Cities

group of people inside building

Welcome to the Nature of Cities. This international platform wants to bring people together from all over the world in order to think, design, and create better, sustainable cities around the globe.

When you arrive at the site I recommend checking out their About page where you can learn more about their project. It gives you details on how it works as an Idea Hive, who founded it, and what they hope to accomplish.

Once you’re done there head back to the main page where you’ll find the most recently added content to the site. There are essays, roundtables, podcasts, reviews, and more. You can also flip through the images on the header strip and click on the titles to visit the articles highlighted there.

Along the top of the page is a white navigation strip where you’ll find a link to check out the Projects on the site. They are The Nature of Graffiti, The Just City Essays, Bangkok to Barcelona, and Urban Environment Ed.

I actually found this site by stumbling across the Nature of Graffiti portion of the site. I had been looking up street art and it came up. Then I started browsing and thought the premise of the rest of the site was cool enough to share.

Go check it out for yourself today!


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