Windows 11 Accessibility Settings

‘This week, we’re continuing our look at the Settings app in Windows 11. Today, we’ll look at how to access important Accessibility settings that make it easier for those with visual, hearing, and mobility impairments to use Windows 11.

Start by clicking the search icon and typing Settings. Click on the result.

Here’s the new look:

At the left, click on Accessibility.

At the top, you’ll see options related to vision, including Text size, Visual Effects, Mouse pointer and touch, Cursors, Magnifier, Color Filters, and High Contrast themes.

There’s also the option to activate Narrator, make adjustments to the voice, and even connect your PC to a Braille display.

Under Hearing, you’ll find options to set app volumes, add flashing along with audio notifications and caption options.

Under Interactions, you can control speech recognition and voice typing and customize keyboards to make them easier to use. There are also mouse and trackpad control options and options to attach an eye tracker to control the PC.

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