Windows 11: Privacy & Security Settings

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We’re continuing our look at Windows 11 Settings. Today, we’ll take a look at Privacy & Security Settings. Start by clicking the search icon and typing Settings. Click on the result.

Here’s the new look:

At the left, click on Privacy & Security.

At the top, you’ll see your Security options. From here you can manage your Antivirus, firewall, and network protection and also turn on tracking for your device. You’ll also find options to encrypt your device,

Below that is a long list of options for managing permissions on your device. You can control whether Windows records your voice, remembers your handwriting and most-used words, and tracks your activity across various devices.

Under App permissions, you can control if Windows tracks your location, whether the camera and microphone can be used, voice activation, and whether an app has access to your contacts.

You can also control automatic downloads, access to documents, photos, and music, and a whole lot more. One interesting option is controlling whether users can take screenshots of certain programs. We’ll go over each of these functions in-depth in future articles.

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