Should I Buy a New PC To Upgrade?

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A reader has a question about Window 11:

“It looks like none of my 3 computers can be upgraded to Windows 11. I haven’t seen anything in your tours of Windows 11 that makes me want to buy a new computer. Are there any features of Windows 11 that would make the expense worthwhile?”

While I have to say that Windows 11 has been running smoothly so far and seems to be a pretty good operating system, I’m not seeing anything new that would make me rush out to buy a new computer.

As long as Windows 10 security is supported by Microsoft, I don’t see any rush to upgrade. Windows 10 should be supported at least until 2025, so there’s plenty of time to start saving up for new devices.

One thought on “Should I Buy a New PC To Upgrade?

  1. Upgrading from a perfectly good operating system isn’t a sufficient reason to buy a new PC, I agree with Cynthia. However, my computer is a 4th Generation Core i7 computer. They just released the 12th Generation. While it’s a capable PC, it’s showing its age: and I feel it’s a good time to “future-proof” my computer a bit and upgrade to a Core i7 12th Generation and new RAM. I can use my existing chassis, solid-state drives, sound and video cards. I had considered an 11th Gen Core i9, but it’s more expensive and runs hotter – which would require additional cooling. The 12th Gen i7 runs just as fast – since I won’t be crunching huge numbers or playing graphics-intensive video games, I can save money with the i7. With Windows 11 coming out, I felt it was just the right time… for me. Your situation may not require a new computer, since Windows 10 will be supported for several more years.

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