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Welcome to Graphic Atlas! This site is an awesome resource that allows you to use an object-based approach to identifying and characterizing prints and photographs!

I suggest heading straight over to the Guided Tour and picking the method of discovery you’d like to try: Pre-Photographic, Photomechanical, Photographic, or Digital. Clicking into those will open up the tree beneath each category which allows you to pick a topic to explore.

Under Pre-Photographic, I selected Intaglio and then Aquatint (hand colored) to explore. Then it loads into the guided tour for that topic. You’ll get an image example of the type, and then guided information about it on the right side of the image.  As you click through the tour it takes through the different characteristics of the style using more images and detail shots.

My next step was to check out the Picture of the Month. I love sections like this! Each week they post a different picture, and provide a guided tour of that specific object, so you can learn all about it!

Another really cool feature is the Compare section. There you can load two different selections from the categories and compare them side by side.  The site even displays a list of what you should notice about each type, and the option to learn more about the process used to create it.

All that’s left to explore is Identification. This section lets you pick one of the categories, and then learn how to identify it. It points out any and all major features of the type, how it’s made, and the examples of the type.

This is a really cool way to explore prints and photographs! Go check it out today!


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