Windows 11 – What I Think So Far

A reader wants my impression of Windows 11:

Hi Cyn, Now that you have used Windows 11, can you give us your opinion on the product? Is it worth downloading now or should we wait? Some of us continue to use Word 2010 without a problem, would we be forced to use Word 365 with a subscription? Being on a fixed income where every dollar counts, could mean a lot as with Excel. Thanks for your time.”

So far, I ‘haven’t had any problems this time around with Windows 11. It really isn’t much different from Windows 10. I don’t see any rush to download. I do want to caution you about using Word 2010. That program hasn’t been supported by Microsoft since October of 2010. That means it is vulnerable to attackers and I don’t suggest using it.

Free alternatives to an Office 365 subscription include using the free version of Microsoft Office available online or a free alternative like OpenOffice or OfficeLibre.

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