I spoke with someone who was trying to figure out just how their kid was getting credit card numbers to make some parentally unapproved purchases online. Yes, you could cancel all of your cards, but this parent was more interested in figuring out how it was happening. The likely culprit? Autofill on Chrome. The parent had voluntarily given the number for an approved purchase at one time.  And with autofill enabled on Chrome, the browser would thoughtfully fill the number. Here’s how to make sure a browser won’t fill in your credit card number (or any other information).  If you allow someone access to a credit card number or password on their PC, I’d stand there and make sure it was cleared after they logged out.

For the desktop version of chrome click the 3-button menu icon and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


On the Settings page, click on Autofill at the left. 

Then choose Payment methods.

If there are any saved cards, you remove them. Or, if you’d like to add a card, click add to put it in there.