We’ve been discussing the importance of making sure you have password recovery options set up for all of your accounts.

We’ve already covered recovery options for Gmail and Yahoo.

Click here for Google password recovery options.

Click here for Yahoo password recovery.

Today we’ll check out your options for Microsoft. This would cover your Microsoft account, Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, and LiveMail email address, and even your Office 365 account.

To get started, click here to visit the Microsoft account page. If you aren’t already signed in, click Sign in at the top right. Then click the circle to the right and choose View Microsoft account.


When your account page opens, scroll down to Security. Then click additional Security Options.

Once you’re logged in, you can add an alternate email, phone number, and trusted device to receive security alerts on. Click the + sign to add a new method.

You can click Additional security to learn how to set up passwordless access or two-step verification.

Set up 2-step verification and you’ll receive a code via email or text with a code that you’ll use in addition to your password to log in.  You can also use an Identity verification app or set up a recovery code that you can have on hand in case you get locked out of your account.

With recovery options in place, if you can’t log into your Microsoft account, just click Forgot my password.


Microsoft will email, text, or call you with a recovery code.  It’s important to remember to keep this information updated. If you change or close your email or phone account, you must remember to update the data.