Welcome to Real Simple’s guide to 21 Delicious Cookie Recipes!

When you arrive at the site, there may be an add you need to close out of that pops up. There was at my computer at the library. If not, you can get started by clicking the Start button.

On each cookie page you’ll find an image of the cookie, the name of the cookie, a brief description of the cookie, and then a link you can click to go to the cookie recipe.

To navigate through the cookies, you’ll use the arrow buttons above the description. You can also click See All to display all 21 cookies at once! If you do that, you’ll see a gallery of all the cookies, and then you’ll click on the cookie you want to know more about to load into its individual page.

I’m looking forward to trying the Shortbread Wedges recipe! I love shortbread, and it looks like a most excellent way to slather jam or nutella on top!

Go check out the recipes for yourself today!