Snow Crystals

close up photography of snowflake

Welcome to Snow Crystals! This site offers you an online guide to snow crystals, snow flakes, and other ice-based phenomena.

There is a lot to take in on the main page, so I’m going to run through it quickly with you. When you arrive you’ll find navigation links to specific sections of the page along the top of the page. They are: Photos, Videos, Books,  Science, Art, History, and Geography. You can use any of those links to dive right in!

You can also scroll down the main page and check out Natural Snowflakes, Designer Snowflakes, Growing Snowflakes, Snowflake Science, and Snow & Ice Activities.

My favorite area on the main page is the You Don’t Want to Miss Any of These section.  It’s filled with really cool links about snowflakes! Check out the whole section for great scientific information and images of snowflakes and more!

I adore that this site is both a repository of awesome snowflake information and images, but also that the scientific information is interwoven throughout all the sections.

Go see it for yourself today!


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