It’s that time of year again when folks want to send out holiday cheer! Now you can join in the merriment to be had and Elf Yourself!

Elf Yourself is a cool application that lets you upload images of yourself and family and/or pets and turn into elves!

You can select a photo of yourself by Taking a Photo, Uploading, or from Facebook or Instagram.

Once you’ve selected a photo, you’ll use the photo tools to make it fit into the elf face silhouette. You can use Zoom and Rotate on the right of the page to customize the fit. Once you’ve perfected the face, you’ll move the red line down to the mouth. Then click the Next button. This takes you to the next step where you can either add more faces, add a greeting, or dance!

Adding a greeting gives you a 45 character limit to wish your friends and family the best of season’s greetings! Dance is the fun part! Now you get to pick the dance your elf will do. Just select the dance style from the right menu.  My favorite was Cats! because it involves adorable kittens. Once you’ve picked your dance, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or through an Email, Link, or Embed Code.  (The Download option costs $3.99, so I recommend using the share links!)

This is a great way to send cheer out this holiday season! Go Elf Yourself today!