Vegan Christmas Recipes

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When I bring food to a holiday gathering, I always like to have options for everyone who is attending. That way no one goes hungry.  Recently, my sister decided that she was a vegan, and in a show of support, I’ve decided to find delicious vegan Christmas cookies she can eat.

In my search, I stumbled across this site which not only has cookies, but also other great vegan dishes that you can add to your holiday table. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a host of vegan recipes to choose from. There are sides, snacks, desserts, and more. 

The site also offers recipe options for those avoiding gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, and other ingredients.

To navigate you can scroll down the page, till you find a recipe you’re interested in checking out and then click into it for the full details. Did nothing strike your fancy on the main page? Well, you can use the numbers or arrows to navigate to more recipes! 

There are eight pages total, and I found several recipes I’m going to try out. 

Go check it out for yourself today!


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