Netflix Phishing Scam

photo of cup near flat screen television

Crooks will bombard you with their phishing scams any old way they can manage. Whether it’s a phone call, email, pop-up ad, or text.

For example, here’s a message that popped up in my husband’s texts today.

The message claimed that Netflix had tried multiple times to take payment for our subscription and failed. He was threatened with an immediate shutdown of his profile.

There are any number of red flags in this text. It comes from a Yahoo address, the link to click on isn’t even secure, and it demands you take immediate action or else!

Had my husband not been reading too closely and tapped on the link to see what was up, he would have been redirected to a malicious site. The site might either try to trick him into entering bank information to reactivate our Netflix account or it could download malware onto his phone. It might do both.

If you have any reason to believe there’s a legitimate issue with an account, go to the website or app for that account. Don’t follow any links provided in the email. Also, don’t call any phone numbers or use any web or email addresses they provide. Look that information up separately on your own.

Remember, these crooks are always trying to get you.

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