What’s Up With Snipping Tool?

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A reader has a complaint about Windows 11:

“I ┬áhave been getting acquainted with Win 11 for a couple of weeks now. My first gripe is with the Snipping Tool. It was so easy with Windows 10 and now Windows 11 has completely messed it up. Do you have an easy way to use this app, Cyn? I have it in my Task Bar now and get frustrated every time I want to use it. Using the app should get right down to business, but no, Windows has me using even more shortcuts to get to where I need to be: snipping a picture.”

The quickest way to snip is to Press the Windows Key + Shift + S, and then just immediately drag the mouse around the area of the screen you want. That image will then pop up on your clipboard.

Or, just open the snipping tool and click the + Sign.

Just click and drag to select the area of the screen you wish to copy.

If you want to copy the entire screen, just hit the Windows Key + Prt Scn key, the image will go straight to your screenshots folder.

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