Fake Tech Support Alert

photo of person typing on computer keyboard

I’ve warned you before about fake tech support alerts that can look very real. Let’s take a look at one that popped up today while I was working. This screen certainly looks alarming.

It claims that access to my PC has been blocked and I must contact Microsoft Support immediately. There is an option to click to go back to safety or run anyway. No matter which you choose, the alert will pop up full screen with no apparent way to exit.

There’s a fake result of a Windows Defender scam that claims to which data on your PC has been compromised.

You’ll still see the number to call for alleged tech support help at the bottom of the screen.

Your computer does not have a virus. You have not been hacked. This is simply a pop-up ad that hides any way to dismiss it. You can get rid of it by shutting your browser. Just hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and shut down your browser.

Were you to fall for it and call the tech support number, you’d come into contact with scammers who would trick you into allowing access to your computer or giving your credit card information.

Windows Defender software will never tell you to call a support number. Real security software will never lock up your PC. These crooks are just trying to ignite a panic response and get you to act before you have time to think. Don’t fall for it.

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