What’s on the menu?

The New York Public Library is transcribing historical restaurant menus, dish by dish, so they can be searched by dish to see what people were eating in the past. You can help transcribe menus or check out the just menu collection itself!

When you arrive at the page, you’ll find the call to help transcribe menus with the big green Help Review button! You don’t have to register and can just start transcribing historic menus!

Aren’t interested in transcribing menus? Well, maybe you’d like to geotag them instead? This is really cool – they show you a menu, and if it has an address you enter it, but if it’s from a shop, train, or plane you can just click one of those buttons and move onto the next menu!

If neither of those options is appealing, you can also check out the menu collection. Old menus are super neat to look at! From the main page, you can see the most recently added, the review collection, or the entire collection of digitized menus!

Go check it out today!



One thought on “What’s on the menu?

  1. Fascinating! And, we seem to think we have a corner on fresh farm food. The variety on these menus puts current standards to shame. Thanks for finding this hidden gem.

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