The People Keeping Mold-A-Rama Alive

Okay, this really struck a chord with me. I was first introduced to the amazing Mold-A-Rama machines at Children’s Wonderland, a marvelously retro Christmas display in Toledo. I was already an adult by that time, but I was absolutely charmed by the machines that took your money and made you a little plastic figure while you watched and dropped into the slot still warm.  So many people I’ve met have great memories of those machines as a Christmas tradition starting back in the 1960s.


The site I’m featuring today tells the story behind Mold-A-Rama. This harbinger of modern 3D printing started back in 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair.

You’ll learn the story behind the technology and how those amazing little figures are created inside the molds while you watch. Plus meet the man whose keeping this tradition alive.


Truly a fun and enjoyable read that may bring back some memories.

Click here to check it out.

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