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This holiday season we’re attending several holiday parties and hosting one of our own, so I thought it would be cool to have a nifty cocktail at our party. So I went in search of recipes and landed on this site, which has recipes but also offers so much more!

Here you can learn all about different brands of liquor, get recipes to make drinks, check out featured articles, and even learn some history! So are you ready to dive in? I am!

When you get to the site there is a scrolling features section, where you can click into cool topics like the the best bar books. Beneath that, you’ll find featured slideshows, articles,  recipes,  and brands. 

If you want to get right to the recipes you can check out the  navigation strip across the top of the page with the following categories: Cocktails (this is where you’ll find the recipes, Spirits, the Basics, Beer and Wine and more. 

A cool thing I wanted to mention about the recipe section is that you can do a recipe search by ingredients. So if you have a certain set of  ingredients you can try and find a drink based off those so you don’t have to buy anything!

I’m still sorting through recipes to find the one I want. There are so many good ones it is hard to just pick one!


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