Is this legit?

person holding iphone showing social networks folder

A reader is being bombarded with unwanted notifications:

“I had to get a new phone. Since restoring from backup my apps and data, I am receiving from constantly alerts that I have won all types of stuff. I have not clicked on anything. I want to know if this is a legitimate website. If not, is there a way to stop receiving these alerts? Thanks!”

Sounds like you have either an unwanted app, unwanted notifications, or some adware on your phone. Check under apps and see if you see anything with a similar name or any app you don’t remember installing. Sometimes a game starts out as a legitimate app and gets taken over by malicious actors. Remove any apps you don’t recognize or use.

It’s also possible that you accidentally allowed alerts from this site. You don’t say which browser you’re using but it’s very easy to allow sites to give you unwanted alerts. Go to Setting in your browser and look under Notifications to search for any you may have enabled.

I’d also suggest downloading a security app like Malwarebytes to scan your phone for adware. Just go to the app store for your device and search for Malwarebytes.

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