Alphabetize Bookmarks: Chrome

A reader has an organizational question:

“Is there a way to alphabetize things such as bookmarks and similar files that appear to be random?  Thank you.”

It’s an interesting question because on a computer all of the data actually is pretty random. Your device just tosses bits and pieces of it wherever it fits on a drive. What we can adjust is how we view that data. We can usually have it displayed by date or title or size to make it easier for us to find.

Let’s look at bookmarks (sometimes called favorites) in your browser. Since you don’t say which browser you’re using, we’ll explore your organization options for the most popular one in use.

We’ll start with Chrome. Click the three-dot menu icon at the top right of your browser and choose Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.

Then select Bookmark manager.

Next, select Bookmark manager.

The Bookmarks manager will open.

Click the three-dot menu icon at the top right.

Choose Sort by name.

Your bookmarks will now display in alphabetical order.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at organizing Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge.

3 thoughts on “Alphabetize Bookmarks: Chrome

  1. I tried bookmarks on my Samsung tablet. There doesn’t seem to be a bookmarks manager. Is this tip only for computers?
    Thanks, Kim

  2. I’ve tried this before and it works beautifully, with one exception. It also removed my bookmarks bar and integrated it with the overflow list of bookmarks. It took forever to redo my bar, as I have to do some customizing to make my topics fit. How can I alphabetize without it messing with my favorites bar? Thanks, Lyh

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