7 Ways to Fight ID Theft

Identity thieves are out to steal your important information, but there are simples ways to fight back. Let’s break down some easy tips.

  1. Know the payment due dates on your bills and keep an up-to-date list of all subcriptions and accounts.
  2. If a bill doesn’t arrive when expected either via the mail or via an electronic statement, look into what’s happening.
  3. When statements for credit cards and bank accounts arrive, go over them carefully.
  4. Read all the statements from your health insurance. Make sure the claims match up to the care you received.
  5. Review your credit reports from all three credit bureaus yearly.
  6. Shred any documents with your personal information.
  7. Don’t give your credit card or bank information out to anyone who calls you or shows up at your residence.

Some pretty basic tips but ones that could eliminate millions of cases of identity theft every single year.

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