Would you like to explore the Galaxy? I sure would. Now with Chromoscope you can through a wide range of wavelengths. 

When you arrive at the site there will be a pop up in the middle of the page welcoming you to the site and offering you a tutorial. I suggest taking the tutorial before exploring on your own. It’s under three minutes and very helpful. The video was also very educational.

Should decide to go it alone and not watch the video. You can use the slider in the top right to switch between the different kinds of views: Gamma ray, X-ray, Visible (default), Hydrogen A, Near-Infrared, Far-Infrared, Microwave, and Radio wave. 

Should you need help and want to see the controls, either press H on your keyboard or Help in the bottom left corner. 

My favorite way to view is to turn the labeling on with L, so that I can what things are and how they look different in the different view types. 

Go explore the galaxy for yourself today!


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