Portable Apps Puts Your Programs In Your Pockets

Did you know you can download portable versions of popular programs like browsers, email clients, and even office programs onto a flash drive and take them with you to use on any computer you choose?

You can find hundreds of portable apps on the Portable Apps Platform. This free service allows you the convenience and privacy of taking your apps with you without the need to install them into Windows. 

You can take your apps with you to whatever computer you happen to be using. You can also access them via cloud.

The service offers over 400 programs including Firefox, Chrome, (dozens of other browsers) Thunderbird email client, LibreOffice, GIMP photo editing, paint.net, games, and more.

This is great for accessing your own apps on a work computer, using a library or school computer, or borrowing a friend’s PC or for easily taking your programs with you if you use multiple PCs.

Head over to https://portableapps.com/ and get started now.

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