Don’t Share This Facebook Scam!

scam lettering text on black background

A friend of mine shared a classic Facebook scam the other day. I’ve warned you about these types of tricks before, but some folks still have got the message. According to this phishing scam, a site has 15 abandoned campers in their warehouse in perfect working order. Instead of throwing them out, the company is going to give them away. All you have to do is share the post and follow a link.

This makes absolutely no sense on any level. Eight people abandoned perfectly good campers at a camper dealership? Even if the campers were there for storage, you’d have to file liens and take the people to court, and sell the campers to offset any fees they owe you. Why would a company have a contest? If they wanted to be generous, why not give them to charity. None of this makes a lick of sense.

A quick check of the page shows it is only a few months old, managed in Indonesia, and only has one post.

The whole idea is to trick you into clicking on that link which inevitably leads to a site that wants to either download malicious software onto your device or steal your information. Worst of all, you’re sharing that danger with your Facebook friends. Shame on you!

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