Is There a Fun Email Client

A reader would like a little fun in her email client:

“IncrediMail used to be my email client.  Was with them for years and I loved it, but unfortunately, they folded as I’m sure you probably know.  They offered such a variety of backgrounds for email, e-cards, 3D Magic effects, and more.  It was fun having them as an email account.  I really miss them. 

Do you know if there’s any other email client out there that maybe offers anything close to what IncrediMail offered?  I’m with Thunderbird now.  Would appreciate hearing from you.”

The type of fun functionality you’re talking about has migrated over to social media and messaging apps. Phone messaging apps and apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp offer options for varied backgrounds, stickers, sound and video effects, animated GIFs, music, and more. There are even fun filters to change your appearance.

You could always use a program like Canva to create fun graphics of your own, but that’s probably a bit more trouble than most people want to go to in order to jazz up an email.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t an email client out there that supports the animations and fun stuff IncrediMail offered. However, I’d suggest giving something like Messenger a try.

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