Remove old Yahoo contacts

Need to remove old contacts in Yahoo Mail? Here’s how. Open your Yahoo inbox and compose an email message.

Type in the first letter of a contact. You’ll see contact suggestions in a drop-down menu.

Hover your mouse over the suggested contact you want to delete. You’ll see an X to the far right. In this case, I’ll be deleting the email address of one of the UPS Store.

Now, when I type the letter “u,” there’s no longer a suggestion for the UPS Store. Don’t worry guys, I’ll still find you if I have a complaint.


8 thoughts on “Remove old Yahoo contacts

  1. I have a gmail contact question. my friend changed her email address. so when I start to type her name, gmail suggests both her new and old email addresses. I just send it to both emails because I don’t know for sure which is the newer address. I have edited her contact information to have only the new email address. that hasn’t solved the gmail suggestions. thanks

      1. I removed my friend’s OLD contact info/email address from my gmail contacts list. I do have her listed as a contact with just her new email address. But when I compose an email to her via gmail, when I start to type her first name, her old email address still turns up as the suggested choice. Then I start to wonder if I’m sending to her old email, or new email (I don’t often email her). So I send it to both the new and old email addresses,since they both pop up as suggestions, because i don’t feel like taking the time to check my google contact list to see what her new email address is.

      2. I’m saying DUH to myself….Thank you so very much for your patient instructions to me. Problem solved 🙂

  2. The Yahoo approach does not work for me. I key in a letter in Contacts, 4 or 5 names appear, I hover over the one to be removed, but there is no “x” on the right hand side.

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