person holding round gold colored analog watch with link bracelet

I have a passion for well-crafted watches – the sleeker and more interesting the better.  I especially love it if the gears inside the watch are highlighted as a feature. So I was floored when I stumbled across Hodinkee, a blog devoted to the glory of the wristwatch. 

At Hodinkee you’ll find daily posts featuring the most interesting watches from around the world. Because it is a blog all you have to do is scroll down the page to navigate and then use the Older Posts or Newer Posts to navigate back and forth between the entries. 

There’s also a nagivation strip along the top of the page, that stays fixed at the top of the page as you scroll down so that you can use it at any time, offering you the options Latest, Sections, Videos, Brands, Podcasts, Magazine, and shopping and insurance options. Brands. 

Latest – this is where you’ll see the most recent content posted to the site.

Sections – here you will find the a list of the many fascinating columns available on the side.

Videos – this section contains all the video posts on the site in one location. You’ll find a featured video and then a selection of recent videos. The entries get older as you scroll down the page.

Brands – Do you have a favorite brand of watch? Or do you want to see all the posts for a certain brand? Well then this is your tab. Click it and then select one of the watch brands to explore.

Podcasts – links to interesting podcasts focusing on timepieces.

Magazine – takes you to a spot where you can subscribe to the print edition.

I’ll be honest, I mostly come to the site for the incredible photography! The images of these watches are really beautiful.  Check them out for yourself today!



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