Ready for a Triple Screened Laptop?

If you’re used to working on a dual or triple-screened desktop, switching to the single screen of a laptop can seem pretty limiting. But there is a device out there that can turn your laptop into a triple monitor device.

The FOPO FHD 1080P IPS Laptop Screen Extender allows you to add two additional 13″ displays to your 15 to 17″ laptop. Here’s how it fits.

The monitors are not touch screens and the whole setup weighs about three pounds. The screen will work with both Windows and Mac computers. The device is powered by a USB C or Thunderbolt cable and connects to your laptop via mini HDMI. The screens can be adjusted to multiple angles.

However, it only works with devices in a particular size range. For example, my Surface Pro 8 is too thick. The existing laptop screen needs to be less than 0.28 in. The screen width must be between 11.4 and 16.4 inches. The device must be at least 9 inches high.

The cost for two additional monitors? You can find it on Amazon for $539. Last time I looked the device had 70% 5-star ratings and 30% 4-star. I’d suggest checking out those ratings to see what other users have to say about how it works with their device.

Learn more about it by clicking here.

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