Americans Have Less Energy Than Ever

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This infographic came up in my Stumble Upon Feed and I thought it was cool enough to share with all of you. You’ll need to click the image to make it appear full size, or at least I had to in Chrome. 

It looks at the possible reasons Americans have less energy than ever, but I think that some of these things (like technology use) apply all over the world. It would also be interesting to see world statistics on these categories. 

First up is that people are Working More Than Ever, which provides statistics on how much people are working, stress levels, and chronic fatigue. 

Next is Spending Time Online. I’m 100% guilty of this. While my roommate is out of town, I’ve been away from the internet trying to catch up on some school work while  listening to The Graham Norton Show in the background and it feels really odd not to be plunked in front of my computer. Or the panic attack I had when my Windows decided to give me a blue screen of death and I couldn’t get it to repair itself even with the disk. I solved the problem by upgrading to Windows 11 but it was nerve wracking not to know if I was going to be able to get the computer back up and running. This section looks at time online, social media, and even offers global statistics. 

After that you’ll explore  how Connectedness Affects Relationships and after that How Being Healthy is Hard. Both of which look at how our being connected online and sat in front of computer are affecting our health and relationships outside of the internet. 

I just thought it was a neat look into being online. Go check it out for yourself today!


2 thoughts on “Americans Have Less Energy Than Ever

  1. if u use malwarebytes pro under TOOLS there is a program u can put on a flash drive that will reboot ur pc even if it cant get on the internet. I think it is camilian (SP). check it out.

  2. Could it be that some people just don’t have the “people skills” or work ethics to do a job correctly?

    If you don’t have a job in your field then look in another.

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