Desktop vs. Laptop

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Which is better, a desktop or laptop computer? Some folks, like me, choose to have both. But if you’re narrowing it down to just one device, there are several factors to take into account.


No surprise that a desktop tends to require some dedicated desk space. You could set it up on your dining room table but you can’t easily move a desktop to accommodate setting the table for dinner.

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A laptop, on the other hand, can be easily moved out of the way. If you need to use a coffee table or your bed for an office, a laptop is likely the best choice.


Laptops are obviously more portable. You can use a laptop at home or the office and even take it along with you on vacation. If your laptop has an issue, just drop it into the carrying case and take it to the repair shop.

Repair and Upgrade

Desktops are easier to repair and upgrade. You can swap out a defective monitor or keyboard without the need to get a repair person involved.


Desktops tend to last longer. Not only are they more durable, they’re also less accident-prone since they stay in the same place day after day.


Desktops are usually less expensive, even though monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals are sometimes separate purchases.

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