Beware These Facebook Games

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I’ve been seeing these games pop up more and more in my friends’ Facebook feeds. On the surface, they look harmless. Just click to find three words that will define your year.

Or click to see the little girl version of yourself.

Or maybe find the career you should have had.

One think you might not notice when you click to play, is that you are granting a bunch of permissions about your information to the makers of these games. For example, you’re giving them a list of all your Facebook friends and access to your profile picture. That friends list is non-negotiable. Let’s click on Edit This to learn more.

If you wanna play, you’re gonna fork over your friends list.

Best-case scenario, they want to use that information to target your friends with advertisements. Worst-case scenario, they’re shady people who’ll use that information to target your friends for scams.

So, think twice before you play.

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  1. Dear Cyn, A while back ou mentioned there was a way to stop a lot of popup adv.. You mentioned you had a way of checking and eliminating these. Could you let me know how that is done? Thanks, George

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