Dr. Bob’s Baby Beanies

For years Dr. Robert Sansonetti  knitted baby beanies for all the babies that he delivered providing their mothers with a thoughtful and practical gift. He started a blog to keep record of all the babies who received caps.  You can click here to read the story behind how he got started. 

So basically, it’s a blog filled with adorable pictures of babies in hand knit hats! To navigate just scroll down through the entries, or use the archive menu on the right side of the page to start from the very first entry and work your way back through them.  That’s how I ended up navigating. So much cute! 

I really love that he has had fabric labels made up and sews them onto the hats so that they’ll be a memorable keepsake for the family as well. 

What are you waiting for? Go look at those cute babies! 



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