Instant Adventure Gaming

I can remember quite fondly playing Sierra On-line adventure games, so when I discovered this site I knew I wanted to share it! The best thing about feeling nostalgic is having people to share that feeling with! 

When you arrive at the site you can check out the featured content, including a link to the full story of how it got officially authorized by Activision.  Your browser may say that the site is insecure, but there really shouldn’t be an issue as you don’t have to enter any personal information to play. 

Then you’ll find navigation options on the right side of the page with the handy menu. You’ll see options for the About page, Gameplay, Forum, and the games! 

The game options are King’s Quest, King’s Quest II, King’s Quest III, Police Quest, Space Quest, Space Quest II, and The Black Cauldron.

There’s also a cool resource called Sarien Studio that allows you to explore how the games were made! 

This is a fun site with games the whole family can play check it out for yourself!


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