Sound Spam Advice

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A reader has some sound advice about spam emails:

“In my experience, it’s best NOT to unsubscribe from spam emails, especially if the “unsubscribe” screen requires you to enter the email address to be unsubscribed. The unsubscribe link apparently tells the sender that the message has arrived at an active email address, which just provokes more dissemination of your address. They might also be connected to software that tells the sender when an email has been opened, again flagging an active address. Flagging them as “spam” is a good idea, but try to do that without ever opening the email. Most email providers allow that option.

Another option provided by many email providers is “block sender.” Most of these spammers frequently change their email addresses, so spam will always be back. I have my email set up to send all mail to my inbox, even if the program thinks it’s spam. I have found the “spam finder” to be really unreliable in terms of what is deemed spam, and I have missed out on many messages I wanted because they were sent to “spam.” Marking a message as “not spam” never seems to work for more than a day or two. That means I have to sort the inbox and also sort the spam folder, which doubles the work. There are a few

w emails as to which one is uncertain whether they are wanted or are spam, so those have to be checked. But otherwise, if I’m sure it’s spam, I just delete it, without opening it. Don’t help them aggravate you!! BTW, if you have unwanted email that came from a reputable source, such as a merchant you have patronized or a political candidate, do unsubscribe and don’t call it “spam.” In some circumstances, “spam” flags can adversely affect the sender, who’s really not spamming you but is just sending you advertising because you have visited the site.”

Everything you have to say is spot on. As an email sender myself, I appreciate the advice not to mark something you wanted at one time as spam. I know from personal experience that it can cause big problems for legitimate businesses. Believe me, we don’t want to send you emails you don’t want. Each email costs us to send.

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