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Love Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? Have a question about something in your favorite series? Well get it answered by a community who shares your passion for the genre.

There’s no registration necessary, as you can answer and ask questions as a guest, but there are benefits to doing so. As a registered user you earn reputation when people vote on your posts, and unlock badges for participating on the site. To register, click Sign up at the top of the page, and then pick from Facebook, use your  Google account, or using filling out the form for a Stack Exchange specific id. I used F-connect. 

I’d recommend you start by taking the Two-Minute Tour of the site.  You’ll just scroll down through the tutorial once you’re whisked there. It completely lays out how the site works with excellent examples and images.  It walks you through asking and answering questions, editing them, the benefits of registration and more. 

After that navigation is a breeze! You can choose Questions, to explore the questions that have been asked or to ask your own. Or you can check out tags to browse the content via what it has been tagged with. 

This a very cool way to explore the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy, so check it out today!


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