More Wordle Advice

We’ve got more Wordle advice from a reader:

I try to get as many letters as possible . . . but only one at a time.

This is letter frequency ranked from most to least:
e t a o i n s r h d l u c m f y w g p b v k x q j v

My first guess is stein; second is hoard. These words have the highest 10 frequent letters. If I have 4, then I start guessing combinations. If I have 1-3 letters, I try clump; clum is 11-14 most frequent & p is 19th. 85% of the time I have 4-5 letters at this time. Then it’s guessing and playing the letters in anagram fashion. When I start guessing, I also consider that the known letters might be used twice . . . as well as the unknown letters (fuzzy and dizzy are examples)

If I am unsuccessful, then I try a fourth word befog to see if b, f, or g is in the word. Then I really have to be careful since there are only 2 more guesses.

My worst word was faded since I had fazed, faced, and faxed for guesses 4-6. If for the fourth guess, I tried crazy, I would know c & z were not used.

The NYT site only does one word a day. But if you’re a glutton for wordle try this site –

No stats kept but you get to play constantly and create strategies for yourself in future sessions.

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