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This site and download has literally changed my life, so of course I had to share it. Whether you’re a student, a knitter, or a professional who researches, Zotero is for you! Designed for academic research, Zotero senses what type of content you are browsing (web, pdf, library entries) and allows you to save it to your own personal library for later use.

But because it allows you to save PDFs, images, audio and video files, snapshots of web pages, and really anything else, I think more than just scholars can use it!  Besides just using it for school, I’m also using it to keep track of knitting/crochet projects, patterns, and inspiration that I want to remember for a later date. You just have to be inventive.

And it automatically indexes any full-text content you add, so you can find it with ease by searching.

Before you download it, check out the Quick Start Guide because there is a great video that shows you how it works. You can also head back to this section when you have question as it houses the FAQ.

How do you get it? Well click the Download button and you’ll be presented with two options – Zotero for Chrome and Zotero for Windows. What? Where are all the other options I was telling you about? Well if scroll down you’ll find the Client options for Mac and Linux too.  I like to use the stand alone option for Windows and then get the appropriate plug in for Chrome (they also offer Safari and Bookmarklet).

The other really nice thing about Zotero is once you’ve installed it on all your computers, you can sync your data! This means that I can start my research at school on the desktop in my office, then go to the library and do more work there before a class, and then head home and still have access to all my research!   



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