Holding Pattern

Much like my fascination with places around the world that have fallen into disarray and disuse, I found myself equally fascinated by this site dedicated to sharing images of airport tarmacs. 

These images are exceptionally well-cropped satellite images that offer very interesting views of the tarmac of an airport that capture a mixture of feelings to me. I get a sense of wonder and wanderlust that spark my imagination combined with a sense of isolation and loneliness from some of the barrenness of the images. It’s a combination I find fascinating. 

When you arrive at the site you don’t have to do anything but scroll down to begin your journey. As you scroll down through the images note the letters beneath each, that’s the airport code for that image. 

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can check out the About Holding Patterns Page, and a page about the author Lauren O’Neill. 

I loved browsing this site, and hope you will too! Go check it out today!



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