Windows 11 is a Disappointment

A reader is not enjoying the Windows 11 experience.

“Windows 11 is not as intuitive as Windows 10. The Cast feature does not work well and is very difficult to use. The Action Center was great and now only contains a fraction of the processes on Win 10. They have really messed up. They should have continued to upgrade Win 10 as they originally intended. I am truly disappointed!”

Thanks for the input. I honestly haven’t noticed a great deal of difference between the two operating systems. I do agree that the Action Center is different.

Click the time and you’ll see notifications and the calendar.

Click the Network and Internet Settings…

… and you’ll some of the options previously housed in the Action Center.

Click the pencil-shaped edit icon to make changes.

Click the Add icon to add additional tiles.

Select additional options to add to the menu. Select Done when you’re finished.

I haven’t experienced Cast feature issues, but I tend to cast more from my phone than my PC. Hopefully, they will get some of these kinks with the program worked out. Don’t forget you can always open the Feedback Hub app and let Microsoft know what you think.

One thought on “Windows 11 is a Disappointment

  1. Cyn, could you do a review of the notifications section? I turned it off on my pc, perhaps I misunderstood its purpose. I thought I would be notified each time an email arrived, or some MS messages. Now that I look at notifications, I realize there’s more there than I understood. Thanks.

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