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Ever have an issue finding scroll bars in Windows 11? Sometimes you need to hover right over them to see them and they can be difficult to find.

For example, there’s no sign of the scrollbar in the Apps and Features menu.

Unless you hover over the area at the right.

But there’s an easy way to make sure they’re always visible. Type ‘visual effects’ into the search box and click on the results.

Under Accessibility, look for Always show scrollbars.

Slide the bar to the On position.

Now, those scrollbars should be easy to find.

2 thoughts on “Always Show Scroll Bars

  1. Thanks SO much, Cyn, for this little tip on getting those scroll bars to appear. I didn’t know this could be done! Or was so badly needed and easily fixed! I always open one of your emails, never know what I’m going to find!

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